Custom Orders

I do a lot of custom orders! Please feel free to email me with any questions or requests! If you need a different length, material, or color, just let me know! The price usually stays the same unless you are upgrading to a more expensive material.

~ This is the material I use most often. It is very lightweight, non-tarnishing (no polishing necessary!), and much more affordable than sterling silver. It is a silver color, but not as bright 'white' as sterling silver.

Anodized Aluminum ~ These are the brightly colored rings that you'll see throughout my shop. They have the same qualities as aluminum; they are very lightweight and also non-tarnishing.

Sterling Silver, Copper, Bronze, and Gold-Fill are also available. I will have to check my materials supply, but I can usually order more if I need to!

Email me with questions or custom order requests!

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